balla…who!? ballarina!

ballarina is meant for beach volleyball ladies and fair working conditions are very important to us – favorably “Made in Germany”. By now, ballarina is the official bikini-supplier for the German junior national team!

The company from Bamberg was created out of the blue – and because Flo’s girlfriend was desperately looking for fitting sports gear!
For years have the friends Chris and Flo fantasized, philosophized and fabulized about the founding of a sports firm that does things differently. In late 2014 it was time and ballarina was born.

Since then, nearly every minute is spend thinking, developing, trying, testing or prudicing. Because here at ballarina it is our highest goal to supply perfect products for sporty ladies. In time for the beach season 2015 our online shop opened its doors.
Since then ballarina offers clothes especially designed for beach volleyball ladies. The ballarina “Sandpants” became a real hit. ballerina developed this product together with professional beach volley ball players. Every product from the “performance”-line is being produced in Germany.

The “leisure”-line of products is meant for your free-time and includes zipper-hoodies and shirts. Naturally, every product is produced under fair working conditions.

ballarina became more well-known due to athlete sponsoring. The first players, who were completely sponsored by us were Florentina Büttner und Valeria Fedosova. In the German Championship of 2015 Büttner and Fedosova were able to finish 9th.

The German junior national teams are wearing specially designed ballarina bikinis since the season of 2016. One of the major triumphs was reached by Lisa Arnhold and Nadja Glenzke, who managed to finish third at the CEV U22 Europe Championship of 2016 in Thessaloniki. One year later Arnold was able to secure bronze as well at the CEV U22 Europe Championship in Baden (Austria) – this time together with Leonie Welsch.

Swantje Basan and Anne Domroese became “ballarinas” as well in 2016. In 2017 Anne Domroese and “Vale” Fedosova became a team and also two more ballarina-teams were added to our list.

The young talents and junior national players Sophie Nestler and Victoria Seeber trust ballarina, as well as the most successful-duo so far, Melanie Gernert and Tatjana Zautys, who surprised everyone by securing silver at the German Championship in 2017!

We are also invested in in door beach volleyball since 2015. At first as sponsor of the regional players of VG Bamberg and since 2016 we are even the “name giver” for the “ballarinas Bamberg”!

Our target is to steadily improve our product line and we are planning to also invest into other (ball-)sports. Furthermore, we want to be able one day to produce 100% of our products in Germany.