Beach volleyball bikini shorts “sandpants” black-aqua green | Made in Germany

It’s finally here!

The bikini-shorts especially designed for beach volley- ballerinas! It took us a long time to get the cut right and find the perfect fabric for our product. Result:

The „Sandpant“!

ballarina Beachvolleyball | Made in Germany

Material: 70% Polyamide, 30% Elastane

If you want to have your sponsor on your sandpants or if you have a special printing design in mind! We’d love to help your over here!


delivery time: 1-2 days



Product Description

  • It will not slip, so that you can feel safe, no matter which acrobatic dive or jump you are performing!
  • Fits perfectly, so that you always cut a good figure.
  • The breathable high-tech-fabric gets rid of water and sweat in no time.  With sandpants you are always ready for the perfect performance.
  • Do not limit yourself! You want to wear your sponsor, your name and be creative? Feel free to add whatever you want!
  • Our shorts keep the oceans clean! The fabric of the Caribbean sandpants consists out of recycled polyamide! From fishing net to bikini!
  • We do not exploit anyone! The ballerina beach volleyball bikini shorts is MADE IN GERMANY. We are committed to fair and sustainable products.

Additional information

Weight 0.04 kg

M, S, L, XL